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Echoplex Delay

Echoplex Delay

Echoplex Delay


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The Dunlop Echoplex is the vintage tape delay tone you love without the high price or the rolls of tape. Carve out your perfect tape delay sound with the Echoplex's 4-750ms of delay, all analog signal path, and delay repeats Age Control. Pair the Echoplex with an MXR M199 Tap Tempo pedal for even more versatility.


✅ Tape-style delay effects for electric guitar

✅ Wide-ranging delay times from 4ms to 750ms

✅ All-analog dry signal path 

✅ Make your delay repeats sound brighter or darker with the Age control

✅ Tap Tempo input via MXR M199 Tap Tempo Switch (sold separately)

Learn all about the Echoplex with this video: