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Precision Drive


  • Powerful built-in noise gate for tight tones
  • Free US Shipping & Affordable International Shipping
  • Designed by Misha Mansoor and the Horizon Devices Community
  • Optimized to work with Digital & Analog Rigs

Trusted by the Best Modern Guitarists


Misha Mansoor

Misha Mansoor

The Precision Drive is the Overdrive pedal I always wanted and that I was kind of shocked no one had made. Given how many rock and metal musicians use ODs to boost and tighten their amps, I would have thought there might be a solution aimed at that crowd, but there just wasn't. So I figured I might as well bring that pedal to life, if anything, just so I could have it for myself!

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Ola Englund

Ola Englund

The Precision Drive is an awesome addition to your rig if you want to breathe new life into your amplifier.

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Keith Merrow

Keith Merrow

The Precision Drive gives me tone shaping options I always wish I had when it came to tightening up my gain tones. It has a distinct and unique character that compliments my sound in a way I never expected. In front of an amp or a modeler, and as a standalone distortion, the Precision Drive is everything I need in an OD pedal.

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Robby Bacca

Robby Bacca

The Precision Drive has become a crucial part of my touring rig and home studio. This pedal has been to known to draw inspiration out of thin air for me. When engaged, the riffs just flow like melty butter.


Rabea Massaad

Rabea Massaad

I can’t really fault it, to be honest. If you like progressive metal, you need one of these pedals.

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Alex Wade

Alex Wade

Really like the attack and bright features which allow you to control how much of an effect you get from the pedal versus most overdrives where you are stuck with 1 tone (think smoother and chunkier at the lowest settings to edgier and tighter at the highest and everywhere in between). The built in gate is nice too , overall a deadly addition to the overdrive arsenal!


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Features that Deliver Perfect Tone


Extra headroom. 6 on the Precision drive is equal to 10 on other drives.
Dial in the perfect amount of punch without compromise.
Bright and easy to see blue LED.
Control your cut in the mix and fine tune your sound.
From tight rhythms to glassy lead tones.
Built-in adjustable noisegate for tight tones and noise reduction.


Listen to the Precision Drive.

Misha Mansoor demos the Precision Drive in a wide variety of applications. Aggressive chugging, big chords, technical solos, and mid-gain pieces all sound full, rich, and cut in the mix. Hear what the pedal really sounds like for yourself.


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Get Your Precision Drive Now

Horizon Devices Precision Drive
$249   $220
The definitive modern overdrive for the modern guitarist.
Adjustable built-in noisegate for tight tones and noise reduction.
Optimized to work with both digital and analog rigs.
Durable construction and components for a long life span and confidence on the road.
Perfected with the help of Misha Mansoor and the Horizon Devices community.
Free instructional content by Misha Mansoor and discounts at Wired Guitarist and GetGood Drums (a $229 value!)
Free US shipping. Affordable international shipping.


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When will my Precision Drive ship?

If you order right now, your pedal will ship either same day or the next business day.

If you preordered a pedal, then it has already shipped and should arrive shortly!

Will you ship internationally?

We ship almost everywhere worldwide, except to Zimbabwe.

How much is shipping to my country?

Shipping is automatically calculated at checkout thanks to the magical internet elves powering our website.

How should I setup my pedal?

We suggest starting with the drive all the way down and the output at about ¾. Turn bright to the right until it cuts properly with your setup, and then adjust the variable attack knob to taste. Keep the gate towards the bottom of its range to just cut noise, and crank it to get a super tight sound. We did make sure the knobs don’t have any “dead spots” though, so experiment with everything (including the drive knob!) to find what works best for you.

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What’s the deal with the accidental damage plan?

The Precision Drive already includes a 1 year manufacturer defect warranty (that basically never comes into play since MXR does such great work). The accidental damage plan will replace your pedal for anything but water damage for one year. Ran it over with your van? Check. Trampled by thousands of fans that want the secret to your tone? Check. Just follow the instructions after buying the coverage, and send your pedal back if you need it replaced!

Do you have any authorized dealers?

Yes, a full list is available here.

I have questions. Who do I talk to?

Email us at [email protected] We usually respond to all emails within 6 – 12 hours. Even on weekends.

Does it djent?

If you want it to.

Will my 7/8 string sound good with the Precision Drive?

The Precision Drive is voiced to work with lowering tunings better than any other pedal. Not only does it work great for standard 6 strings, but it’ll handle that multiscale 14 string you’ve been waiting to use for years just fine.

Can I use a battery?

Yes! A standard 9v works, in addition to a proper power supply (9v negative tip only).

Whats the draw of the Precision Drive?

The Precision Drive has a draw of 9 volts or 16mA.

How does it have a noise gate built in? Isn’t that really expensive?

Overdrives can be the noisiest part of your chain, and are essential for the tight sound on many modern metal recordings. We didn’t want to compromise on what the community wanted, so we made sure you could get that entire sound from one pedal. If you don’t want extra tightness, turn it to the left side of its range and it will only eliminate noise.

Will this work with my Axe FX II/Kemper/Line 6 device?

Yep! We made sure the pedal was voiced to cut through both high gain heads and integrate perfectly with digital modeling rigs.

Does it work like a normal OD?

Yes and no. It does boost your signal, but it is built from the ground up to tighten high gain tones. It won’t be confusing to dial in but will work easier than what you’re used to. It also does vintage crunch and lead tones great as well!

You say it’s a community-driven pedal. How does that work?

We spent hundreds of hours asking modern guitarists what they need out of pedals. For example, we’ve poured through the data of countless polls from our Facebook group of over 4800 members.


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