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The Precision Drive is the Overdrive pedal I always wanted and that I was kind of shocked no one had made. Given how many rock and metal musicians use ODs to boost and tighten their amps, I would have thought there might be a solution aimed at that crowd, but there just wasn't. So I figured I might as well bring that pedal to life, if anything, just so I could have it for myself!

The Precision Drive is an awesome addition to your rig if you want to breathe new life into your amplifier.

The Precision Drive gives me tone shaping options I always wish I had when it came to tightening up my gain tones. It has a distinct and unique character that compliments my sound in a way I never expected. In front of an amp or a modeler, and as a standalone distortion, the Precision Drive is everything I need in an OD pedal.

This Precision Drive is awesome! I struggled with getting note definition on a lot of my other drive pedals. It all just sounded muddy... but the attack knob really helps notes cut through. The gate feature is really useful too for cleaning up gainy parts but also I find that this pedal interacts with my ac30 amp in a really cool way to produce really cool feedback. And on top of it all it makes an excellent clean boost!

There are so many great overdrives available today. Some excel at pushing your amp into lead territory, while others work better at tightening and focusing your already driven amp. I have yet to find a single OD that is able to achieve both of these approaches as effortlessly as the Precision Drive. Between the Attack and Bright switch, you have enough control to shape the front end of anything you put it in front of. I use mine to tighten and focus my rhythm/riff sounds and it does exactly what I ask of it. I'm a big fan.


Misha Mansoor demos the brand new Apex Preamp! Monster chords, djenty breakdowns, and tight rhythms cut through and stand out in the mix with the Apex Preamp.


Misha Mansoor demos the Precision Drive in a wide variety of applications. Aggressive chugging, big chords, technical solos, and mid-gain pieces all sound full, rich, and cut in the mix. Hear what the pedal really sounds like for yourself.