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Hey guys. My name is Misha Mansoor. Thanks for stopping by.

There are certain things that can just be done better. Things that affect your music.

I founded Periphery because I wanted to make music I loved and have a team of people I trusted that are as dedicated as I am. I learned audio engineering because I wanted to sound as good as possible, and recently partnered with great people to make GetGood Drums. I played a lot of guitars, and figured out exactly what I liked, so I worked with Jackson guitars to release a better guitar for modern musicians.

Seeing a theme?

If there’s a problem, you fix it. Especially if that problem is getting between musicians and their music. You also need a great team.

So what was my next problem?


I had never been satisfied with the gear I used, and I wanted to change that. I wanted to create a pedal company that gave the modern guitarist easy to use, and great sounding pedals...

But I needed a great team.

To fill this team I reached out to two long time friends, Mehtab Bhogal and Brian Gilmanov. They were proven, skilled entrepreneurs who loved gear almost as much as I did. From there we filled out our ranks with equally skilled members of the online guitar community. Graphic designers, marketers, digital media guru’s.

We needed them all.

But there was something missing.

I wanted the community of modern rock & metal players to get in on the fun, that’s why we created a community where your voice and opinion could be heard.

This was the birth of Horizon Devices.

From there we made it our mission to design every Horizon Devices pedal to do two things:

Sound great, and be easy to use.

We want every guitarist to be able to get great, modern guitar tone out of every Horizon Devices pedal. We take pride in knowing that so many guitarists out there are getting so much satisfaction from the pedals we design.

It’s with this pride and support from the community that pushes me and the Horizon Devices team to keep coming out with pedals to craft the perfect, modern guitar tone.

Misha Mansoor