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Progressive Tension Bulb 8 (Misha Preferred)

Progressive Tension Bulb 8 (Misha Preferred)

Progressive Tension Bulb 8 (Misha Preferred)


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Progressive Tension Bulb 8: 9.5 13 17 26 36 46 60 74

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This gauge was specially designed by Misha Mansoor for his studio and live use.

Horizon Devices strings forge together our proprietary Wired Guitarist Progressive Tension technology with the legendary craftsmanship of Dunlop manufacturing to bring you the ultimate strings for the modern guitarist. Each set has been vigorously tested and optimized for the perfect feel right out of the box for every tuning and play-style. This set was designed for an 8 string guitar with a scale length of 27" and standard tuning. For a looser feel on the bottom and a tighter feel on top try our standard 8 set!

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
John Dominique
Best strings I’ve used

Absolutely phenomenal - handles my awkward tunings like a charm

Michele Brusadelli

I’m already using 7 string packs and I’m loving it. I’m sure this 8 string pack will be good too

What I've been waiting for.

I've tried so many 8 string sets: we've all done it I guess in the search for tension and clarity. These nail it: they're brilliant.

David Torres
Sick Strings

These are amazing.
Love the clarity and feel of the set.

Joshua Myers
I like them

Aside from the typo on the back of the box, the strings are amazing. I had to drill out my tuning peg to fit the bottom string and I am getting used to the light high strings. But the e didn’t break when I was installing it. That is a great sign right from the start.