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Progressive Tension Ultra Heavy 7

Progressive Tension Ultra Heavy 7

Progressive Tension Ultra Heavy 7


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Progressive Tension Ultra Heavy 7: 11 14 19 28 38 52 74

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Horizon Devices strings forge together our proprietary Wired Guitarist Progressive Tension technology with the legendary craftsmanship of Dunlop manufacturing to bring you the ultimate strings for the modern guitarist. Each set has been vigorously tested and optimized for the perfect feel right out of the box for every tuning and play-style.

Customer Reviews

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Josiah Kain

I've tried a bunch of 7-string sets for my PRS SE SVN Holcomb. Because the scale length is shorter, and I like doing drop tunings Bb and below, a lot of sets just don't have enough tension on the bottom and too much tension on the top. This set seemed to fix the problem.

One request I would make is to have sets of these available in some larger guages as well. I found on my Holcomb that drop G is pretty much the lowest you can go before running into problems. Something to take me down to drop F or even drop Eb would be great to have available.

Brian Price
Quality Strings

Sound amazing. 7 string (25.5 scale length) holding drop G# nicely with these.

Tate Watson
My favorite strings

These strings fit and feel great on my Ibanez Axion Label multi-scale. Perfect tension. Think I've found my forever strings!

7th string wouldn't fit into tuning peg on Abasi Legion 7.

It's so hard to give these strings a low rating because I've used other Horizon sets and they're the best. This Ultra Heavy 7, however, should probably get another look. There's another review saying their 7th string didn't fit either (there are multiple reviews saying this, actually). I was lacing up an Abasi guitar which has a 7th string that comes as a 74 standard. The 7th string goes in about two or three inches and then no more. The taper needs to be much longer. I had to go out and buy another set of strings (Ernie Ball 8 string slinky set) and it fit just fine. Kinda sad because these are expensive strings, but sometimes it do be like that. I'd recommend the 30" taper the Ernie Ball set has. I'd love to setup my guitar to this set, but now I have to intonate to a slinky Ernie Ball set :*(

Matt English
Just what I was looking for.

Bought the Ultra Heavy 7s on a whim and I’m glad I did. Put them on a 27 inch scale in drop F# and they are perfect. Tight enough to maintain pitch and note articulation while being loose enough to comfortably bend and play leads. Good sustain, brightness, and massive sound. Highly recommend.