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Progressive Tension Ultra Heavy 7

Progressive Tension Ultra Heavy 7

Progressive Tension Ultra Heavy 7


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Progressive Tension Ultra Heavy 7: 11 14 19 28 38 52 74

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Horizon Devices strings forge together our proprietary Wired Guitarist Progressive Tension technology with the legendary craftsmanship of Dunlop manufacturing to bring you the ultimate strings for the modern guitarist. Each set has been vigorously tested and optimized for the perfect feel right out of the box for every tuning and play-style.

Customer Reviews

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Alexander Siegel
Pretty solid

I like the strings. This is probably more a me issue than an issue with the actual strings but the heavier ones feel a big floppy. Now, I have them in Drop F on a 26.5” scale 7 string so it’s probably my own issue, but I wish there was a set that was even just the slightest bit heavier on the low end to maybe compensate for something like that.

Allen Lee
Damn Good

Got these for my multiscale legator and they feel great. Used in Drop F, the strings are slightly looser than im used to but sound super crispy.

Good, but...

The 7th string is take thick to fit in my Jbm27 (Jake Bowen's guitar). Which I thought was funny, given who made these strings.

Pamela Dwan Fellows
Gift Order

order these as a gift that was specifically asked for

That me guy
Progressive tension ultra heavy 7

They’re perfect for drop g. I wish they’d make heavy bass strings so fish slappers could keep up with low tunings.. (hint)