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Never worry about fighting your tone or your gear again with the Precision Drive, the first modern overdrive made by guitar players for guitar players. The Precision Drive can take any set-up, both tube and digital, and turn it into the perfect modern metal rig with its precise tonal carving controls.


  • Volume

    6 on the Precision drive is roughly equal to 10 on a Tubescreamer. Start with the volume at noon.
  • Drive

    Start at 0 then slowly turn the drive knob up to around 1-2 until you get the level of saturation you’d like.
  • Attack

    Towards the left is more of a lower mids punch. To the right can get you very defined, pick-y, and modern tones.
  • Gate

    All the way left gives you a very loose, subtle gate. All the way right gives you a fast, hard, and modern gate.



  • Designed to pair well with digital & tube rigs.
  • Built by MXR, guaranteed to last.
  • Free US shipping and affordable international shipping.


Misha Mansoor demos the Precision Drive in a wide variety of applications. Aggressive chugging, big chords, technical solos, and mid-gain pieces all sound full, rich, and cut in the mix. Hear what the pedal really sounds like for yourself.




When does the Precision Drive ship?

Right now! The Precision Drive will be available until the end of time.

Will you ship internationally?

We ship almost everywhere worldwide, except to Zimbabwe.

How much is shipping to my country?

Shipping is automatically calculated at checkout thanks to the magical internet elves powering our website.

What’s the deal with the accidental damage plan?

The Precision Drive already includes a 1 year manufacturer defect warranty (that basically never comes into play since MXR does such great work). The accidental damage plan will replace your pedal for anything but water damage for one year. Ran it over with your van? Check. Trampled by thousands of fans that want the secret to your tone? Check. Just follow the instructions after buying the coverage, and send your pedal back if you need it replaced!

Does it djent?

If you want it to.

Will my 7/8 string sound good with the Precision Drive?

The Precision Drive is voiced to work with lowering tunings better than any other pedal. Not only does it work great for standard 6 strings, but it’ll handle that multiscale 14 string you’ve been waiting to use for years just fine.

Can I use a battery?

Yes! A standard 9v works, in addition to a proper power supply (9v negative tip only).

How does it have a noise gate built in? Isn’t that really expensive?

Overdrives can be the noisiest part of your chain, and are essential for the tight sound on many modern metal recordings. We didn’t want to compromise on what the community wanted, so we made sure you could get that entire sound from one pedal. If you don’t want extra tightness, turn it to the left side of its range and it will only eliminate noise.

Will this work with my Axe FX II/Kemper/Line 6 device?

Yep! We made sure the pedal was voiced to cut through both high gain heads and integrate perfectly with digital modeling rigs.

Does it work like a normal OD?

Yes and no. It does boost your signal, but it is built from the ground up to tighten high gain tones. It won’t be confusing to dial in but will work easier than what you’re used to. It also does vintage crunch and lead tones great as well!

You say it’s a community-driven pedal. How does that work?

We spent hundreds of hours asking modern guitarists what they need out of pedals. For example, we’ve poured through the data of countless polls from our Facebook group of over 7500 members.

Customer Reviews

Based on 288 reviews
Emma Biedenbender
Exceeded my son’s expectations

My son really wanted this guitar pedal for his birthday/Christmas. It took some budgeting adjustments but I ordered it for him and he couldn’t be any happier! He is a music major in college, plays in a band, and plays in our church worship band. He was so grateful to receive this and has really enjoyed using it!

Erik Magalit
Awesome pedal

Awesome pedal…. As I expected good job to you guys keep it up! For sure I will buy next effects you guys release! More power to ya’ll!

Jaime Montoya

Not quite dialed in yet,but sounds ok...so far.I'm hoping to get it set to my liking in do time.

Jakub Myler
Super moderní zvuk/Great modern sound

Pedál splnil moje očekávání. Super moderní zkreslení. Od Bdropu po nižsí ladění paráda. Baví mě attack knob, na kterém lze od tradičního zvuku s hutnými spodky nakroutit moderní djent zvuk.

This pedal comes up all my expectation. It is great modern sounding overdrive. In Bdrop and lower tuning sounds the best. I really enjoy attack knob which can be dialed from traditional sound with bottom end to "djenty as hell" sound.

Chris J
One of the best ODs ever!

Works well with most of the amps I own including various Marshalls, Bogner and Hughes & Kettner models