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Progressive Tension Heavy 7 (Misha Preferred)

Progressive Tension Heavy 7 (Misha Preferred)

Progressive Tension Heavy 7 (Misha Preferred)


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Progressive Tension Heavy 7: 10 14 18 28 39 50 65

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This set was specially designed by Misha Mansoor for his studio and live use.

Horizon Devices strings forge together our proprietary Wired Guitarist Progressive Tension technology with the legendary craftsmanship of Dunlop manufacturing to bring you the ultimate strings for the modern guitarist. Each set has been vigorously tested and optimized for the perfect feel right out of the box for every tuning and play-style.

Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews
William Kimball
They feel dead as soon as I put them on

These strings were great for a while and they've been my preferred 7 string pack for a while (I don't think any other company makes 10-65s) but the quality has absolutely tanked over the last couple months. They don't even feel like new strings when I put them on. They feel and sound like I've been playing them for three months.

Don Dwells
Top notch everything!

My new “bread ‘n’ butter” daily items!!

Tony Marcello
Great sound, but don't last super long

Sound great out of the box but after a couple days they're already sounding dead when I feel like D'Addario NYXLs last at least a week longer

This shit slaps

If you know you know

TJ Morrison
Best strings. Always trust Misha!

I've got the heavy 6 for my prs that I have in drop C and absolutely perfect. I've got these heavy 7's on my Misha Signature Juggernaut Pro for drop G and I'll never go back. These strings feel a little different but in the best way. Perfect sizes too. I'll be getting the subscription as soon as they're back in stock. They're sold out alot, too so that that should tell you how much people like these! You're the man Misha!!