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Apex Preamp

Apex Preamp

Apex Preamp


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  • Cabinet

    Turn the cab sim knob OFF when using a real cabinet. Turn the cab sim ON when going direct or into an interface.
  • Gain

    Massive amounts of gain. Start at 0 and turn up until you reach desired saturation.
  • Tight Switch

    Engage for more aggressive rhythm tones without adding more gain. Disengage for buttery leads.
  • Gate

    All the way left completely removes the gate circuit. All the way right gives you a mega-tight & modern gate.



  • Designed to pair well with digital & tube rigs.
  • Built by MXR, guaranteed to last.
  • Perfect for the on-the-go recording guitarist.


Misha Mansoor demos the brand new Apex Preamp! Monster chords, djenty breakdowns, and tight rhythms cut through and stand out in the mix with the Apex Preamp.




When will my Apex Preamp ship?

Conservatively, Apex pre-orders are set to ship January 2019.

Will you ship internationally?

We ship almost everywhere worldwide, except to Zimbabwe.

How much is shipping to my country?

Shipping is automatically calculated at checkout thanks to the magical internet elves powering our website.

What is a Preamp Pedal?

A preamp pedal is an amps clean or dirty channel in one convenient package. The Apex Preamp is a direct replacement to your favorite distortion pedal, an entirely new channel added to your clean amp, or a dirty channel replacement on your high gain amp. Check out our use case guides to see all the different ways you can add the Apex Preamp to your rig!

Can it do cleans?

With the right guitar and settings it can get pretty clean, it will behave dynamically with your guitar like an amp.

How do you justify the price?

To get all the features of the Apex in any other form you would have to buy: $250 boutique, all new high gain distortion pedal $150 custom, ultra powerful noise gate $180 Cabinet simulator $100 one off pedal similar with a tight switch Instead of spending $680 on 4 pedals you can spend less than half and get an Apex Preamp in one convenient pedal!

I already have a high gain amp, can I use this?

Yes! Blend the Apex Preamp with your existing dirty channel to get an all new distortion flavor! Just make sure to turn off the cab sim by sweeping the knob all the way to the left.

How does it pair with a power amp?

Perfectly! You can use your power amp to run the Apex direct into your physical cabinet. Just make sure to turn off the cab sim by sweeping the knob all the way to the left.

Can this replace my distortion pedal?

Yes! Use the Apex for a whole new distorted tone.

Will this work with my Axe FX II/Kemper/Line 6 device?

Yep! We made sure the pedal was voiced to cut through both high gain heads and integrate perfectly with digital modeling rigs.

Can I load my own cabinet IR?

The Apex’s cabinet simulator is analog and built-in, meaning you can’t change the impulse response. However, you can easily disable the cab sim by turning the knob to the left and use the Apex with your favorite 3rd party IR’s.

What is the Cab sim modelled after?

The Apex’s analog cabinet simulator is modelled after a modern 4x12 loaded with V30 speakers.

Does it Djent?

You already know the answer.

What are the power requirements of the Apex?

9V operation requires 29 mA and 18V requires 50 mA. We recommend running the unit at 9V. It will function at 18V but sounds best at 9V.

Can I use a battery?

Yes! A standard 9v works, in addition to a proper power supply (9v negative tip only).

Customer Reviews

Based on 151 reviews
Had initial problems

Shipping took forever, not sure if it was the post or what, and then ive tested the strings for a few months before posting this, im sure i got the right size for my 8, as that is the misha prefered, and it wasnt very nice to my legator, the lowest string didnt fit in the tuning nut, the highest string had a strange buzz to it, after trying multiple setups to try to relieve the problem, never was able to figure it out. And they did seem kinda easy to just take off and throw away because they lost their sheen very fast. Hopefully i can see some progress on these and this company in the future

Oleg Grinenkov
The Djent-machine

It sounds really great!
Very heavy and tight tone!

George Booker-Bayley
Wicked Piece of equipment!

Bought this to play live/record with my band that’s not super mega djent metal but not like rock or heavy rock either, I play an 8 string but use loads of different effects in songs on cleans so needed a pedal that could give me a tight distortion for an 8 string without having to switch amp channels and press multiple pedals all at once to get it and this works!: Gate is p h a t never find myself putting it over halfway unless I’m trying to play along to periphery or periph type stuff tone is mega tight and the amount of gain is wicked I keep the gain knob at just above noon for my bands stuff and only songs that use the low E for chordy stuff so I have to use the tight switch and for all the stuff I heard about it the cab sim is pretty great to be honest nice sound and if I wasn’t using it live with my real amp or didn’t have a custom ir that I have on logic I’d use it all the time - I love that you can sweep the mic from on the pedal really clever feature, all in all a really great product and I think the price is justified and even living in the UK I got the product quickly and in one piece. Nice work Horizon!!! :)

Joel Reed
5 Stars for potential

Ordering direct can be cool but this time it was not. 8 days to arrive via some weird DHL / usps handoff.

With all the knobs at noon it sounds really amazing. I even like it a little better than my Revv G3 pedal. That’s saying a lot. Tight switch is cool. Works better than the Friedman BE-OD for sure. Instant METALLICA puppets tone and you can certain dial in Monuments & Architects sounds for more modern metal. 5 stars for potential and initial sound.

After a couple days I began to notice this higher pitched white noise sound. The gate stops it, but even with the gain and all knobs turned down, it’s still there. Maybe it was always there? I don’t know. I emailed horizon devices and was asked to record the noise. This is where it would be nice to have a dealer network in place, so that I could simply compare mine with another, at a local shop. So this thing is going off to Reverb, sold as is. If they ever do dealers again, I’ll check them out again.

Right now, I’ve got to recoup the $300+ I just pissed away.

Nick Williams