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Flux Echo

Flux Echo

Flux Echo


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After over 2 years of design, testing, and tweaking we are so excited to finally be able to present our latest inspiration box: The Flux Echo!

It’s the result of years of research & development, our community’s great input and Misha’s extensive delay collection ranging from vintage tape echoes to modern crisp delays...

Mono and Stereo I/O's: The Flux Echo is designed to work great with most setups including traditional mono rigs as well as stereo rigs with multiple amps/instruments, it even sounds great with synthesizers.

Flux Mode: Variable switch that allows 3 distinct voices: a warm, ambient reverb with clean analog delay repeats, a lightly modulated reverb with a smooth reverse delay, and a shimmer reverb with a tape-style echo.

Tap/Hold switch: Tap to set your delay tempo, hold to freeze both reverb and delay. Once you let go both will decay as set.

Bypass/Delay and Reverb Trails switch: Tap to turn the Flux Echo on or off.  Hold the bypass switch down while the pedal is on to enable or disable delay/reverb trails.






Power: The Flux Echo does not come with a power supply and cannot be powered via 9 volt battery, only by external power sources. The Flux Echo requires 300 mA via a 9 volt DC center negative power supply.

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Incredibly satisfied customer

Some of the best and most fun pedals I've come across in my 25 years of playing guitar. The Flux Echo is an absolute Beast and the Precision Drive is an irrefutable necessity on my pedalboard for the rest of my life. I can't wait to see what type of polyphonic synth pedals Horizon devices can come up with that capture the sound used by synths and keyboards used in today's progressive metal scene.

Flux echo

Hello, I still have not received the replacement flux echo that was supposed to be sent.

Exceeded expectations

Put in place to swap out Boss Tera Echo and my board is now perfect.

Flux echo

Love this pedal, so versatile and fun to play for hours on end. This is a pedal that i would recommend every player has in their arsenal

Flux Echo

If you are on the fence about this pedal, get it. This pedal gave me exactly the sound that I have been trying to get with different pedals and amps. You will not be disappointed with this pedal.