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Precision Plectra + Collector's Tin

Precision Plectra + Collector's Tin

Precision Plectra + Collector's Tin


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Exclusively crafted for Horizon Devices to spec by Dunlop Engineering. These plectra come in .88mm, 1.5mm, 3.0mm, and 1.35mm sizes along with a special collectors tin suitable for storing "fun" things along with your plectra.

Pic Tin Includes

3 x .88mm Flow

3 x 1.5mm Flow

3 x 3.0mm Flow

3 x 1.35mm Jazz III

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Very cool

Really nice collection of picks in various sizes that are perfect for studio use and playing live.

Evan Coons
Picks + Container

Picks are actually dope, good glide even on the thick ones. Tin is also great for fun stuff

Dillon Higdon
Strings and picks

I love the picks, they make for quick action and that good poppy djent style I like. String feel amazing and play amazing BUT as soon as o got them out and put it on my guitar the high string broke and I didn’t have it right at all. I time to drop F# so it never should have broke just tuning it. But other then that I’ll most likely buy nothing but horizon devices equipment

Austin Sizer
F*cking Sick-Nasty

The picks are perfect. Not needing to put as much force into each attack with the 3mm is both a challenge and a boon. Can also fit like 6 or 7 joints in the tin for emergencies.

Precision Plectra / Collector’s Tin

Pretty awesome pic’s , great color and very convenient Tin to keep them all in one place