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Progressive Tension Ultra Heavy 7

Progressive Tension Ultra Heavy 7

Progressive Tension Ultra Heavy 7


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Horizon Devices strings forge together our proprietary Wired Guitarist Progressive Tension technology with the legendary craftsmanship of Dunlop manufacturing to bring you the ultimate strings for the modern guitarist. Each set has been vigorously tested and optimized for the perfect feel right out of the box for every tuning and play-style.

Customer Reviews

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Douglas Carnie Sae Jay Sound & Lights
Great Strings

Great Strings Using on a Music Man Majesty 7 string in a variety of drop tunings!

Oleg Poyan
Good Strings

If the string doesn't fit your tuner, don't drill it, just unwind the string.

Worth every cent

I put this set on my LTD SCT-607b (baritone 7 string) and it sounds absolutely MASSIVE. These strings punch hard and are very bright and clear despite them being so heavy. They also don't go sharp at all in drop F. The notes are like laser beams of sound. I can also play with super low action now thanks to these strings. These are my go to strings now.

I will say though, my guitar is 27" scale and string thru and I still had to drill the tuner a bit to get it past the taper since the string was too long. If my guitar had an inverted headstock or was 30" scale it probably would've fit though. But it's a small price to pay for these amazing strings.

joseph prendergast
Most badass hard to get strings there is

The strings are amazing. Clarity and brightness are unrivaled. Impossible to buy just one set cause obviously other people know how they are and they sell out fast. The only pack of strings I want sitting around waiting to be used. A Recording MUST.

Jonathan Hart
Tight tight tight.

First 7 string guitar and first time using thicker strings. So I suppose I don’t have anything to compare them to but I have to say I like the feel of them. Would probably buy again.