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Nano Attack

Nano Attack

Nano Attack


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The Nano Attack is the simplest pedal solution for perfect modern metal tone ever! We've taken our uber popular Precision Drive and slimmed down the best parts into one affordable mini pedal with:

Attack: 6 attack settings let you dial in the perfect amount of low end tightness. Left is loose, right is tight and modern.

Volume: 6 on the Nano Attack's internal volume trim pot is roughly equal to 10 on a Tubescreamer, giving you tons of headroom. Start with the volume at noon.

Bright: Dial the Nano in for any amp with the ultra-flexible internal brightness trim pot. Start with the bright at noon and dial to taste.

Compact: Bring the Nano Attack anywhere and put it on any pedal board with its compact and durable design backed by MXR's 1 year warranty!


Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Cute Blue Pedal

Nano attack + Les Paul style guitar on the neck pickup = Glorious
And on a jazz/rock song to boot.
Not just meant for Djent.
Makes tracking multiple guitars easy.

Eying the Apex Pre-amp.

John Stitt

Just Incredible

The nano attack is unbelievable!!
I have the precision drive as well and use both in particular settings but man the nano attack really raises it that much more. I love it to death, and the volume and bright settings in the back of the pedal are useful if you want to tinker with the sound more. Overall, a great product. Goes hand in hand with my set up, and really kicks ass!!
If you’re questioning whether or not to buy this, I can tell you it’s worth every cent. Affordable and makes a huge impact on your sound!!!

Nano Attack Review

Absolutely love it, even tried it on a guitar with old crusty strings and it still managed to get an awesome sound!

Replaced my OD808 as my go to boost pedal...

This pedal is an absolute KILLER!
Sold my Precision Drive, because my OD808 and ISP Decimator did just the same for my style of playing in sound - although I really loved the ease of use by just playing around with the attack knob. So I was really happy when I read the announcement and directly ordered the pedal to Germany!

What can I say?
Apart from the pedal being killer and tightening up my signal from now on?
The pedal directly went to the front of my signal chain and is now fed by several guitars ranging from „vintage style“ strats to ERGs and this pedal just DELIVERS! The Strats and P90 guitars really shine and get that typical sweetness (didn’t expect this from a „modern tone“ pedal) and the ERGs just really get that extra bite. Works even well with a Fuzz...

BTW: I didn’t touch the internal trim pots until now, just had a brief look at them :).


Not what I expected.....straight raw g12t75412cab .....Peavey 5150 Signature Face...head fixed repaired brought back to life and overviewed by Bill Webb of Austin, Texas Company..."Austin Vintage Guitars" for at least two weeks of known text date times....head is flipping flawless...wish I could've done a Mercury upgrade for power and output etc
.but.......none the less clean.. loud ..very badass ....for loss of better words.....perfect......now if I had a ZUUL...those guys keep selling out,... Everytime I got cash for one... would most likely sound better with a gate......overall I'm stoked for the sound but kind of pissed the shipping was almost 20$ ...I mean look at the size....I've waited months for pedals that costed pennies on the dollar from e bay........for the Zuul I will make my final assessment....cheers....wish I would've just went with then precision drive....would've bought the Apex but the wait and all the BS...that's why you guys didn't get more from me....cheers I'll be a fan