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Nano Attack

Nano Attack

Nano Attack


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The Nano Attack is the simplest pedal solution for perfect modern metal tone ever! We've taken our uber popular Precision Drive and slimmed down the best parts into one affordable mini pedal with:

Attack: 6 attack settings let you dial in the perfect amount of low end tightness. Left is loose, right is tight and modern.

Volume: 6 on the Nano Attack's internal volume trim pot is roughly equal to 10 on a Tubescreamer, giving you tons of headroom. Start with the volume at noon.

Bright: Dial the Nano in for any amp with the ultra-flexible internal brightness trim pot. Start with the bright at noon and dial to taste.

Compact: Bring the Nano Attack anywhere and put it on any pedal board with its compact and durable design backed by MXR's 1 year warranty!


Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews

Immediately became the heart of my tone. Just cleared up any unwanted flub or excessive noise and made it super tight. Seriously cant get over how awesome this pedal is!

Great pedal!

Awesome little pedal. I mainly play in Drop C on a 6 string and this pedal really tightened everything up and gave me that much more defined "chug" I was looking for. Looking forward to checking more pedals out from these guys.

Even better than I expected

I've been running an 805 on my EVH 5150 III 50w 2.0 blue channel which has been great. When I used the 805 on the red channel to tighten up down tuned 7 string guitars it was OK but not great. It still left some flub in there. So I decided to try the Nano Attack on the red channel.

The Nano nailed it. Down tuned 7 string guitars on the red channel sounds very tight on position 4 or 5. I set both trim pots to noon and haven't felt the need to tweak them further. The shocker was when I tried it on the blue channel in place of my 805. Dialed to 2 it's perfect. I think the Nano just edges it out my 805.

...simply KILLER!

I was leery of the whole "5 non-adjustable presets" deal, but for the $ I thought it would give me an idea of what Horizon Device's stuff was all about, and if I liked it enough, I could always save my pennies for the Apex Preamp or Precision Drive. Well. What does the pedal have? 5 absolutely KILLER tonal options, any one of which could be used as a "main sound". I've bought a few 'boutique-y' pedals and things in the past, ( for a lot more $) hoping to find "that" sound I was always looking for. The Nano dive nailed it. If you're searching for no-foolin'-around high gain with superb articulation, look no further.

This is not what it is advertized to be

The effect adds a lot of gain and high end, while it removes the low end. So, this effect if for you if you want to brighten up your amp tone AND add a lot of gain. Yes, it tightens up the attack, too, but through addying lots of gain. Meanwhile, I wanted only to tighten up the attack without removing all the base and getting lots of gain from the stomp box itself.