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Nano Attack

Nano Attack

Nano Attack


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The Nano Attack is the simplest pedal solution for perfect modern metal tone ever! We've taken our uber popular Precision Drive and slimmed down the best parts into one affordable mini pedal with:

Attack: 6 attack settings let you dial in the perfect amount of low end tightness. Left is loose, right is tight and modern.

Volume: 6 on the Nano Attack's internal volume trim pot is roughly equal to 10 on a Tubescreamer, giving you tons of headroom. Start with the volume at noon.

Bright: Dial the Nano in for any amp with the ultra-flexible internal brightness trim pot. Start with the bright at noon and dial to taste.

Compact: Bring the Nano Attack anywhere and put it on any pedal board with its compact and durable design backed by MXR's 1 year warranty!


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Just what I've needed!

The Nano Attack paired perfectly with all of my amps. This pedal brought out characteristics of my amps that, honestly, I didn't know they had!

Exactly what i needed!

For a few years I've been using a Maxon OD808 to push my amp a little bit and it was fine but I felt it lacking something no matter how much i tweaked it. 2 seconds messing with the trim pots and the attack knob on the Nano Attack and my tone has never sounded better! Don't think this one's gonna leave my board! couldn't recommend this pedal enough

Shut up and buy it.

Just ripped it open and all I have to say is...FUCK. For those who can’t slip into the precision drive, buy this damn thing. The internal trim pots are fantastic! Literally only have this in front of my guitar and it’s the bee’s balls...or tits...idk. It’s great. Buy it.

Perfect at what it aims to accomplish

You have a high gain amp at home that you love the sound of? Well it needs the nano attack anyways. You turn the pedal on, and it is instantly what you have been missing from your tone. The same effect that we all try to achieve by putting overdrives in front of amps is accomplished here, but it is perfected. Don't question it, just buy it. And this is from someone that sold my precision drive when I went all digital, and realized that this is what my tone is missing. So a year later from going all Helix, I am here with a pedal again. Also, unexpectedly, it is very versatile as well. Ended up being a great edition to a strat through a clean amp and stacking into other overdrive pedals.


Nano Attack