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Nano Attack

Nano Attack

Nano Attack


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The Nano Attack is the simplest pedal solution for perfect modern metal tone ever! We've taken our uber popular Precision Drive and slimmed down the best parts into one affordable mini pedal with:

Attack: 6 attack settings let you dial in the perfect amount of low end tightness. Left is loose, right is tight and modern.

Volume: 6 on the Nano Attack's internal volume trim pot is roughly equal to 10 on a Tubescreamer, giving you tons of headroom. Start with the volume at noon.

Bright: Dial the Nano in for any amp with the ultra-flexible internal brightness trim pot. Start with the bright at noon and dial to taste.

Compact: Bring the Nano Attack anywhere and put it on any pedal board with its compact and durable design backed by MXR's 1 year warranty!


Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews

This device likes to turn into a shape selector for other effects near it. You can also do some interesting things by mudding your tone knob and putting full punch on this device.

I almost forgot why I actually bought it.

Christmas gift became new years

Product was good and as expected but shipping took two months to arrive, ordered a month early to be a christmas gift but still arrived a month after christmas....

Pog af

Very dope pedal in bomb ass form factor. Wish they didn't ship through dhl, but it could be ups

Does what it says on the tin. And is also a dope overdrive!

I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting to love this on its own. Boost a gainy amp to chuggy perfection? For sure: that's what it's built to do. But there's this super-focused, punchy light drive tone that I usually need a booster, *very* light overdrive, and compressor to dial in - some Edge-style dotted 8th delay rhythm goodness.

I thought this was overpriced for a 1-knob mini pedal.


EQ, compression, saturation: don't really care how it's getting there, this pedal has the goods in my rig. When you need 'dat attack, this thing is the fuggin' BUSINESS.


It met and exceeded my expectations, easy to use and a killer sound, I certainly became a fan of the brand.

Only a single counter, the ink of the box released when opening to adjust the internal trimpots. But I believe it is normal because it is a sensitive area due to the friction of the screw.